Commercial Refrigeration Offerings


A proper preventative maintenance plan is crucial to extend the life of your refrigeration equipment, minimize downtime, and lower servicing costs over time. At KCG, our preventive maintenance programs are custom designed for each individual customer.

Some of the preventative maintenance services we provide include:

  1. Refrigeration inspections
  2. Power washing and coil cleaning
  3. Lubricating motor bearings and other moving parts
  4. Leak detection
  5. Checking thermostat and control settings and functionality
  6. Electrical component testing
  7. Remote system monitoring
  8. Checking drain lines

Benefits of preventative maintenance plans include:

  1. Reducing the possibility of equipment breakdown
  2. Minimize loss of refrigerant
  3. Reducing utility costs
  4. Providing 24-Hr. preferential service
  5. Increasing system capacity
  6. Insuring longer equipment life
  7. Lower Hourly Rates
Refrigeration chamber for food storage

Unlike larger competitors, you will always be dealing with the same team of experienced commercial technicians at your location. They will know your building, your equipment and your unique needs, which minimizes wasted time in assessing and addressing any issues that arise.

To inquire about establishing your custom maintenance program, please contact us – a representative will be happy to tailor a solution to meet your exact specifications.

Refrigeration chamber for food storage


As with all mechanical systems, repairs and servicing is an inevitability. At KCG, our refrigeration technicians are experienced troubleshooters and highly skilled at mechanical repairs. We pride ourselves on always minimizing the cost to keep your systems functioning at a high level.

Some of the services we provide include:

  1. Leak detection and repair
  2. Component repair and replacement (e.g, compressor replacements)
  3. Refrigerant recovery and recharging
  4. Monitoring systems troubleshooting and optimization
  5. Oil services
  6. Retrofits and refrigerant conversations
Some of the manufactures and technologies we service/install include:
  1. Bohn
  2. Carrier
  3. Copeland
  4. Emerson
  5. Hussman
  1. Krack
  2. Kysor-Warren
  3. Russell
  4. Trenton

To schedule an appointment or speak with a KCG representative, please contact us.


Whether it is a replacement of an old system or a new build out, KCG’s professional installers offer expert installation services for every environment. We pride ourselves in top notch installations to maximize the energy efficiency of your refrigeration systems and facilities.

Our prompt, radio dispatch is at your service 24 hours/7 Days a week and it is our pleasure to provide the best value, full-service installation solutions available. For more information on any of the above, or to schedule an installation, please contact us.

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