About Us

At KCG, we’re proud to offer extensive expertise in meeting all of our clients’ Commercial and Industrial HVAC mechanical needs. We provide comprehensive Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Energy Management Service with proficiency in installation, maintenance and service. Our reputation for quality service and competitive estimates is well recognized in the field and we’re pleased to provide the following:

  1. Full Coverage and Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts
  2. Prompt Radio Dispatch. 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week Emergency Service
  3. Fully Trained and Accredited Service Technicians
  4. Our Service Area Covers Northern and Central New Jersey as well as Rockland and Orange County in New York
  5. Sales and Service Appointments to Fit Your Schedule
  6. References Upon Request
  7. Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our Offerings:



Energy Management

We service all types of Commercial and Industrial properties:

  1. Refrigerated Warehouses
  2. Commercial Office Buildings
  3. Malls
  4. Pharmaceutical Facilities
  5. Server Rooms
  6. Supermarkets
  7. Department Stores
  8. Nursing Homes
  9. Schools
  10. Banks
  11. Religious buildings
  12. Restaurants

We Also Service and Sell:

  1. Boilers
  2. Chillers
  3. Rooftop Units
  4. Thru-the-Wall units
  5. Split Systems
  6. Heat Pumps
  7. Makeup Air Systems
  8. Clean Room Systems
  9. Controls
  10. Processed Piping
  11. Walk-In Coolers
For more information on any of the above, or to schedule a sales or service appointment, please contact us.