Energy Management Offerings

Nearly 40%[1] of energy consumed in commercial buildings is attributed to HVAC systems. Additionally, ~4%[2] of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to air conditioning. Optimizing or replacing the equipment you have is key to minimizing your energy costs as well as your company’s greenhouse gas emissions. Our technicians are adept at assessing your systems and making recommendations on how to optimize your space.

Typical solutions include:

  1. Ensuring all systems are fully maintained and functioning at the highest level
  2. Installation of smart thermostats and controls
  3. Installation of Energy Management Systems
  4. Installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  5. Installation of controllable Variable Air Valves (VAV)
  6. Replacing your old system with modern energy efficient systems
  7. System Air distribution assessment
Engineer operate a hvac heating ventilation air conditioning system with computerized control panel.

With energy cost savings and government incentives, the cost of implementing these solutions are quickly offset. We are here to help you assess your options and help you implement the solution which will provide the greatest return on investment and minimize your greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on any of the above, or to schedule an assessment of your HVAC or refrigeration systems, please contact us.